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On behalf of the Texas Ranger Classic planning committees, and the Texas Ranger Association Foundation, we look forward to seeing you at our next shoot!

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Proceeds from the Texas Ranger Classic events benefit TRAF, and their mission to assist Texas Rangers & their families. TRAF proudly partners with the official Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco, TX supporting their mission to honor the Texas Rangers.

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TX Ranger Classic

Spend the day with real Texas Rangers! Experience a unique event that combines friendly sporting clay competition, great food, fun and prizes!

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For nearly 200 years the Texas Rangers have protected our great State. Celebrate the Texas Ranger Bicentenial, 1823 - 2023. Celebrate 200 years of tradition, legend, and lore!

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The idea for the Texas Ranger Classic, like most great ideas, started in a TexMex café over a plate of steaming hot enchiladas smothered in bubbly yellow cheese. There's just something special, akin to magic, in a hot plate of enchiladas that gets your creative side humming along.

"I'd been thinking about this idea for a while," commented Retired Chief H.L. "Hank" Whitman, "but I knew it would need to be a team effort. There are a lot of moving pieces that would need to be handled." Hank had been thinking of a way to help raise funds for the Texas Ranger Association Foundation. TRAF, as it is affectionately refered to, works hard to take care of the Ranger family. Their mission is to preserve and protect the history and heritage of the Texas Rangers, assist Texas Rangers and their families, and assist with the expansion, improvement and operations of the official Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco, Texas.

Hank soon found a kindred spirit in Tommy Schleier. Tommy sits on the Board of Directors of TRAF, and takes the position very seriously. He is committed to making TRAF successful in their mission. Also, as luck would have it, Tommy is an avid sporting clay enthusiast. Hank had a vision of what we could accomplish... "Once Hank and I got to talking, we knew we had something very special in the works, " said Tommy, "Hank had a vision of what we could accomplish, all the while having fun - but raising a lot of money for TRAF and the Rangers."

Soon after the TexMex summit, the Texas Ranger Classic Sporting Clay Tournament was born. Tommy went on to explain, "We just wanted to do everything first-class, because that's what the Rangers deserve." Hank and Tommy set the bar very high from the get-go. The formula was simple - round up sponsors that would ...above all make everyone feel like a part of our Texas Ranger family. be committed to our mutual success, find a great location, provide friendly competition for all levels of shooters, serve fantastic food & beverages, offer fun prizes and auction items, and above all make everyone feel like a part of our Texas Ranger family.

And, as they say, the rest is history! The Inaugural Texas Ranger Classic, held in May of 2015, had over 150 attendees, and raised over $97,000.00!! With that success, they knew they could realize the vision of holding a Texas Ranger Classic in every Ranger Company around the State. Ultimately, having a State Championship in San Antonio every year to determine the best of the best in Sporting Clays.

And that, my friends, is how the Texas Ranger Classic came to be! We hope you will join us at our next event. Come shoot with us, have fun, meet REAL Rangers, and raise money for the men and women that we hold in such high regard, our Texas Rangers. See you on the range!

What is the Texas Ranger Classic?

The Texas Ranger Classic is a Sporting Clay Tournament based on 4-person or 5-person team events, a 5-stand individual event, and our very own creation the "Station Challenge." Each Ranger Company that hosts a Texas Ranger Classic event may add additional games such as a "Flurry" competition, etc.

  • 4-person or 5-person Teams - The main Texas Ranger Classic event is a team event featuring 10-stations & 100-birds per person.
  • 5-Stand - is an optional and individual event. The amount of birds may vary from event to event.
  • Station Challenge - is our very own creation. The planning committee chooses the most advanced station on the course(s). Each person that wishes to be a part of the challenge has to buy-in before they shoot ($50/person). Once they buy-in, it is up to the individual shooter to Ace the station, clearing all 10 birds during their round. If they Ace the station, they are put into a drawing for a high-end sporting shotgun.

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Our sponsorship opportunities are unique to each event. For inquiries, please contact Liz Myrick at (254) 752-1001.

Planning Committees

The Texas Ranger Classic Sporting Clay Tournaments are lovingly planned by TRAF board members and Texas Rangers from each Ranger Company with the help of good friends, and volunteers. For more information, click on the event links above for each individual tournament.

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